Registration of domain name and email account

When developing your site, we take care of all your domain requirements to protect your IP Assets

  • Domain name renewals at competitive prices
  • Domain name forwarding, which is a way to redirect your URL (web address) or emails
  • Domain name parking, which allows you to stake a claim on the domain name you want, even before you need it, so a competitor won’t step in first
  • Domain name re-delegating, where we re-delegate your domain name from your current registrar to our own, centralising your web services so you’ll avoid confusing administration and solicitation.
  • Email set-up, even if you aren’t ready to create a domain name yet, so you can start using an email address from [email protected]
  • Email forwarding, with the ability to forward other emails to your primary email account
  • Auto responder, which sends the automatic email response of your choice to any incoming emails you choose
  • Flexible email access, from any country in the world you’re travelling to or working in.
  • Integration of mail on all your devices ensuring you can access mail no matter where you are

Website Hosting

Our servers are housed in Australia's largest carrier neutral facility - delivering highly resilient, secure IT space.

The space is protected by resilient power and cooling systems, state-of-the-art security and fire protection. We also maintain 24x7 operational control across the facility to ensure it’s well managed, monitored and maintained.

Key features include:

  • Premium bandwidth backed by purpose-built BGP network.
    Best-in-class Australian data center.
    Highly secured servers with backups and DR.
    Affordable Enterprise Provisioned IOPS service.
    Blazing fast servers with PCIe SSD
    2-4 GB/s throughput.

Hosting your Business Website – An Important Decision

“You can’t expect to be in business in the future using yesterday’s technology.”

The importance of the Internet is at its peak. The dust has settled from the Dot Com era and many have realised that used wisely, the Internet is the most powerful ally businesses have today. In the not too distant future business leaders will be created as a result of using Internet technology effectively. It is predicted that within the next five years businesses will spend as much on their external IT as they do on their internal IT. The banks have done this for years and we can see now that the Australian Government is leading the way streamlining their business processes by moving those processes to Internet based technology, reducing staff and providing a much more efficient service.

One of the most important factors to the success of using Internet technology is partnering with the right hosting company. Just like all businesses operate different software solutions, hosting companies operate different systems and it is those systems that determine their integrity. Hosting your business website is exactly the same as the bricks and mortar that currently houses your business. Your location, building integrity and ability to expand and change your physical surroundings as your business grows and evolves are factors that you considered when deciding on your business premises.

The same deciding factors are usually overlooked when deciding where your business website will live. As hosting appears to be an intangible commodity most people assume that it is “just somewhere my website resides”. As a result many fall into the trap of hosting with cheaper companies without looking further into what differentiates one hosting company from another.

Let’s take a small step backwards before we take the leap forward to hosting. 

The next generation of business websites are built on platforms that require more than just a place to reside, they need a place to live, interact, evolve and grow in place where it is safe and secure. Your business website is what differentiates you from the crowd and it is important to have the right partner that will keep you there.

Hosting Considerations

All business websites have differing requirements. The fundamental requirement remains the same.

You want your customers to enjoy their experience of conducting business with you online so that they want to do it over and over again. To ensure this happens without fail we have compiled the following list of considerations:

One of the most important considerations is security. Security of your information as well as your client’s information is paramount. Our hosted clients data resides in a secure environment with daily backups and traffic through 13 independent carrier networks.

Privacy has also become a highly regarded feature that is linked with security to ensure that confidential information is not exposed.

With the improved functionality of business websites, application footprints are growing in size and it is important to be aware of the allocated space your hosting company provides

Cheaper hosting tends to attract less desirable websites that can lend themselves to software viruses and harmful scripting applications. These sites can affect other sites stored on the same servers and cause problems with your business website. Most hosting services have 30 to 50 websites using a single IP address. If one of those companies is suspected of spamming, new initiatives to reduce spamming places the IP address on a spam list and restricts future emails. This affects all those websites sharing the same IP address and you will require constant technical support to be removed from the list not to mention the down time.

To effectively operate any business you need to constantly evaluate your promotions. Information can be obtained regarding movement of customers throughout your website and when linked with orders, provide you with a complete view of your marketing efforts.

Hosting companies that offer unlimited speeds and downloads attract sites that tend to abuse the offerings. This affects you as those sites reduce the ability for your customers to access your business website making their experience slow and tedious.

Reliability of your business website reflects on the reliability of your company. Websites offer your customers the ability to interact with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is more important than ever that your business website is always available when your customer wants it to be.

Hosting a website requires more than just copying files onto the host server. Configuration, delegation and email setup are some of the other services required to complete the business website infrastructure.

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