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The power of online marketing is hard to beat when it comes to measurable strategies. The ability to track email reads and responses means that you're always able to improve this valuable method of communication.

The wonderful features about email are that you don't have to be selling to your customers and prospects all the time. We can show you ways to engaging with your email list in ways that are non intrusive, and your subscribers will look forward to your news. It's such an easy and yet so under used method of keeping in touch with your database list.

If you don't have a database list, we can help you start going through valuable information in your office and get you sending on a regular basis.

We would love you to show you how great email marketing works. 

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Manage & grow your contacts automatically

Build your list and manage your contacts more effectively.

Using our contact based features you will learn personal & behavioral details of your contacts while utilising that data for mass automation sequences, personalized campaigns, and more.

Easily import your existing contacts & customers

Import contact emails, names, and virtually any other type of data (IE: birthdays, country, age, purchase histories, etc..) Our automatic importing capabilities ensure your data will always be up to date. We can assist you in bringing your customers online.

Great insights of your customers

Discover more about your contacts

We can determine your contact's age, gender, interests, social profiles, and more from their email address alone.

This allows you to create powerful automations & segments and have greater insight into your contacts. While you may not have all this information on hand, we can help you.

Create your custom fields

Create Custom Fields

Store & manage any type of data. You can create custom fields to store contact data such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more.

Personalise campaigns or segment your lists based on this data that are related to your information needs.

Build List of Contacts with Forms

Add customised subscription forms to your web site to allow your visitors to subscribe to your list(s) You can customise the look and feel of the form to match your existing web design for seamless integration.

If it's too hard or you're too busy, we can build your online forms for you.

Indepth Segment of Contacts

Send targeted campaigns with list segments that group contacts matching specific conditions about their profile, history, interactions, and behaviors. This means you can sent very relevant information to your valuable customer list that is of interest to them and their requirements.

Add content to your email newsletter

Quickly add your content without any need to know HTML or anything technical. Adding new content is a click away and we connect with all the services you love to use (video services, eCommerce platforms, etc..)

Paragraphs & text

Add any number of paragraphs or content blocks. You have full WYSIWYG capabilities within each block such as bold/italics, links, tables, etc...

Image & gallery

Add single images or full image galleries. Choose from a wide variety of gallery layouts and let us do all the image resizing for you automatically.

RSS Feeds

Include live content from any RSS feed. This could be blog updates, most recent products, site updates, and more.  We can help automate the sending of email with the content added to your website.  

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Free designer templates to get you started

Choose from a wide variety of high-end designer templates.

We have templates for all genres such as: Travel, General Business, Real Estate and more.

Easy to get started and easy to modify.


Create your own templates easily

Modify one of our designer templates or create your own from scratch.

Use any HTML you like and easily add our template language (to your code) so that you can use our powerful email designer with your custom template.

Setup an automated virtual sales force

With campaign events and automations you can have your own virtual sales force. Have personalized campaigns send from your individual sales reps based on where the contact is in your sales life cycle.

Your campaigns can also adjust based on whether a contact replied previously or entered a new stage of the cycle.

Set and forgets email marketing

Create automations to move subscribers between lists, send specific follow up campaigns, and update details. Define actions to take place when your contact replies to an email or interacts with any campaign in any way.

Dynamic / conditional content in emails

Show different content in your messages depending on your contact's information and history with your marketing campaigns. Create enticing content based on age, gender, location, past campaign actions, and more.

Have web content trigger new email campaigns

Put your campaigns on autopilot by having them initiate with dynamiccontent whenever you update your website or post new content. This is perfect for new product announcements, blog updates, and more.

Link Tracking

Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date/time.

Reply Tracking

With reply tracking you can see who replies to your campaigns, can create automated actions to trigger once someone replies, and can segment your contacts based on replies.

We also filter out the automated replies so you don't have to waste your time with emails that aren't importnat..


View a list of contacts who resulted in a bounced email.

You can view the type of bounce (soft/hard) along with the bounce reason that was returned.

Email Client Reports

We automatically track the email clients your contacts are using.

You will be able to view the top email clients for a list and/or a specific campaign.

Trend Reporting

With our opens by time/day trend report you can see what time of the day receives the most opens. You can look across all your lists, for a specific list, or a specific campaign.

You can also see what day of the week achieves the highest opens. By using this data you can find out the optimal day of the week and time of the day to send future campaigns.


View who unsubscribed from a specific campaign along with the reason they unsubscribed (if they entered a reason)

Social media and email marketing in perfect harmony

While many companies utilize both social media and email marketing most companies are missing out on the substantial benefits of integrating the two methods. With integration between your social media and email marketing efforts you can obtain results and discover data that you could have only dreamt about in the past.

Real-time social reaction analysis

Watch in real time while contacts share your campaign on Facebook, Like your campaign, and post on Twitter. All data is shown live as it takes place and you can quickly follow up with users on social networks. Easily filter your reports between Twitter & Facebook.

Facebook Subscription Forms

Add a custom subscription form to your Facebook Page with just a few click. We've made it even more simpler for you to get your form up and running in a matter of seconds.

Facebook Like Button

Easily include a familiar Facebook Like button within your emails. All "Likes" are included in your reports and can be used to segment or created automated actions.

Social Media Auto-Posting

When sending a campaign you can choose to auto-post the campaign to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

Social Sharing in Your Emails

Easily add social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and more. Clicks are tracked and results from Facebook & Twitter are tracked.


Create your own templates

Modify one of our designer templates or create your own from scratch. Use any HTML you like and easily add our template language (to your code) so that you can use our powerful email designer with your custom template.

Start with one of our basic templates

Use one of our basic layout templates as a base to work off of & fully customize the HTML and layout as needed. Or just use your own HTML entirely.

Designate your own editable regions

Choose what sections of your email template can be modified. This helps to ensure only changing content can be adjusted.

Guided template creating that assists you

As you design your template we will alert you of any potential display issues or email guidelines you should be aware of.

Full code editor for editing the source

If you want ultimate control over your email you have full source editing to modify the HTML & CSS. Switch back and forth with a single click.

Adjust colors, fonts, etc...

You have full control over the styles (such as background, font, colors, etc..) for every section of your email. Change the header background, adjust the font type of the main content area, and more.

Style your emails with no special coding knowledge needed

Choose from a variety of color themes with every designer template we have.

You can also choose to customize the various sections of your email within the email designer. Change the header size/color, format some content, and more.



A work-flow designed to save you time

We don't break your work-flow or your time by forcing you to edit all your content in a sidebar or use gimmicky tactics of dragging/dropping items from the sidebar to add in content. Every action of creating an email campaign has been optimized to save you time.

Great insights of your customers

Mobile friendly/responsive & email client ready

All of our email designs are optimized for mobile device along with all the major email clients. Any templates you manually add are optimized on the fly for you as well.

Split testing that is done for you

Great insights of your customers

Test different subject lines and/or email contents to see what gives you the most opens, clicks, and highest ROI.

Define any number of variations and let us choose a winner based on a time frame you set.

Real-time preview for better results

Great insights of your customers

We show how your email will look (to your contacts) as you edit it.

You can also preview how your email will look on mobile devices.

Photos done right with free image hosting

Great insights of your customers

Upload or drag/drop your photos into your email, edit photos with our built-in photo editor, and more.

We automatically resize your photos for your design.

Unlimited image hosting is 100% free.

Personalization overdrive

Great insights of your customers

Personalize your subject & message with your contacts name & other fields.

Create conditional content within your emails & embed external data based on your contacts preferences.

Dynamic content embedded in campaigns

Great insights of your customers

Email does not need to be stale.

Add content from your eCommerce platform or embed RSS based data directly into your email campaign.



Build Custom Subscription Forms & Landing Pages

Generate custom subscription forms for your web site has never been easier. Build your form and have a generated form embedded into any page of your web site by copy and paste.

Set the URL's for redirection including success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL and more. The generated subscription form code is basic HTML that can be embedded into any type of web site.

Great insights of your customers

Great insights of your customers

Facebook Integration

There are over 800 million potential customers on Facebook. Embedding a subscription form on your

Facebook fan page has never been easier. Its so simple with just a few clicks.


Social Media

When you include a web version link within your campaign your contacts will see a web version of the email with a small bar that has social sharing options.

Great insights of your customers

Enable Social Submit Links option within your email and your contacts can share the web version link of the email with their friends from their email client.

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