It's time to incorporate some social media

Many companies can take advantage of some of the key social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIN (for business) 

If your company is new to the web or new to the social media scene we can help you get the detail correct, from the beginning and get you on track to a succesful outcome. Our expert staff can help you setup your campaigns and online visibility but keep it secured where you have confidence in knowing that your message is consistent and your brand integrity is maintained by creating a consistent look and feel across all platforms.

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With knowledge it can work.. Really it can!

But don't be mistaken! Social Media websites are designed take your traffic! A badly setup Facebook page can reduce traffic to your own website and expose your company to competitors who advertise on Facebook, along side your fans. With some education and structure put in place, you can use Social Media to be your slave, instead of your enemy. We understand how important traffic is to any website and our knowledge of how Social Media platforms work will ensure all your activities work for you and work hard.

Each Social Media platform has different rules, different procedures and different outcomes. We can help set your accounts up and monitor them to make sure you're getting the most out of them. We can handle it for you, or, train your staff how to become Social Media experts.

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